Macarthur Veterinary Group
Your family pet is in safe hands

About The Macarthur Veterinary Group

Since our humble beginnings in the early 1990’s Macarthur Veterinary Group has been expanded to include four clinics – at Bradbury, CamdenMt. Annan and Gregory Hills, all of which are A class hospitals. View our Opening Hours. Our veterinary team numbers over 15 with over 20 support staff, all motivated by their love of animals to care for your family pet as if it was their own.

Our team is committed to high quality healthcare, veterinary medicine and surgery. To ensure this consistent high quality service we support every team members' participation in ongoing education and external courses to constantly update their skills.

We welcome issues raised by our clients. We actively seek client feedback on how we are performing and things we can do to improve our services.


Standards Of Care

  • We aim for excellence in customer communication and understand the importance of keeping clients informed about their animals health.
  • We aim for excellence in customer service, and treat all our clients with respect.
  • All staff will be treated with respect and as a valuable member of the practice team.
  • We have a commitment to continuing education and expanding our knowledge wherever possible. We aim to practice a high level of veterinary science.
  • We are committed to upholding practice protocols and procedures and to keeping the team informed of any changes to these.
  • All patients will be treated with respect, and will be given the best quality treatment possible in consultation with the client.
  • No animal will be left in pain or distress.
  • We believe in proactive health care to maximise the health of our patients.
  • All patient procedures will be completed with minimal risk
  • We work as a team to ensure a continuity of care to our patients and clients.
  • We present ourselves and our practice at all times to ensure a positive first impression to our clients and the public.
Group Values
  • We have a high degree of integrity and professional ethics
  • We enjoy working with people and animals
  • We believe in the value of what we are doing
  • We believe in being fair to each other and our clients

Customer Philosophy

At Macarthur Veterinary Group our clients and patients are our top priority. We establish rapport with clients through communication, concern for their pet’s welfare, and the expertise and equipment to ensure the best care for their pet.

We expect mutual respect to be observed in all relationships between staff and the clients of Macarthur Veterinary Group.