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Annual Health Checks

Pets age much more quickly than we do. The old saying is that one year equals 7 dog years. This is an approximation, and varies with species, breed and age, but it is more or less true for both dogs and cats. So how many years has it been since your pet's last check-up?

Annual Health Checks are strongly recommended for all dogs and cats. Older pets or those with chronic health problems will need to be checked more often. After one calendar year, your pet will be equivalent to 5-10 years older, and a lot of changes can occur in their bodies over this time. Minor problems can often go unnoticed at home, until they become more serious. Most problems can be treated more successfully (and more cheaply) if they are recognised early.

We aim wherever possible, to diagnose and treat all health problems before they become serious. Our vets perform health checks routinely as part of your pet's annual vaccination. This usually involves discussing any concerns you may have, as well as an examination of your pet's major body systems. You'd be surprised how often we discover problems that had gone unnoticed at home. These annual visits really are important to your pet's health.
The examination will target any problems discussed and will also generally cover the following areas:

  • Teeth & mouth
  • eyes
  • ears
  • skin
  • feet/nails
  • lymph nodes
  • bones/joints
  • heart & lungs
  • abdomen
  • genitals

Once we're satisfied that your pet is in generally good health, the vaccination (Feline, Canine) will be given.

These checks are provided at no extra charge to your pet's normal vaccination fee. So next time you get a vaccination reminder for your pet (or if you haven't had them vaccinated for 12 months or more) give us a call and make an appointment. There's a lot more in it for you and your pet than just a jab with a needle!

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