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What should I feed my pet to help it lose weight?

To make the whole experience of losing weight easier and kinder for your pet we may recommend that they temporarily go on a special low fat / low calorie diet food from the Royal Canin Obesity Management range.

Compare this to the alternatives:

  • If feeding a smaller amount of your pet's normal commercial pet food
    • Your pet is more likely to feel hungry.
    • You are also feeding less essential nutrients (such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids) leading to nutritional deficiencies.
    • The reduced protein intake can cause muscle wastage instead of fat loss. This may result in diminished physical strength and motor coordination and a weakened immune system. It may also result in a lowering of the body's metabolic rate making further weight loss more difficult.
  • If feeding a home cooked diet
    • It is very difficult to produce a balanced diet (it's not just a matter of feeding leftovers!)
    • If done properly, it costs more and is time consuming.
    • A qualified nutritionist can prepare an individual balanced diet for your pet, but this is expensive.
  • If feeding a prescription low calorie diet
    • Your pet is able to eat a similar volume of food (in some cases more) so doesn't go hungry.
    • The calorie content is reduced but all other nutrient requirements are met.
    • Your pet will lose fat, not muscle (because the diet is balanced including protein and carbohydrates)
    • Using our weight loss program (specially designed by Royal Canin) we can calculate the ideal amount to feed your pet based on their ideal bodyweight, along with the daily cost, and an estimate of the time it will take to reach their ideal bodyweight.
    • Our weight loss tips will help you achieve your weight loss goal for your pet.


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