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Phone the Bradbury clinic on 024627133302 4627 1333
75 Jacaranda Avenue

Mt Annan
Phone the Mt Annan clinic on 024627772202 4647 7722
Unit 17/2 - 4  Main St

Phone the Camden clinic on 024655766402 4655 7664
6 Ironbark Avenue

Gregory Hills
Phone the Gregory Hills clinic on 024648358802 4648 3588
2/13 Rodeo Road


Client Referral Scheme

We have always recognised that our business has grown primarily as a result of the referrals our clients have provided since we first opened our doors in 1992. Our client referral scheme is our way of showing our appreciation of your support in a very direct way.

We always ask new clients how they heard of us. If they mention your name, we will place a $10 bonus on your file and give your friend a 50% discount off their first consultation fee.

Each time you visit we offer you a referral/business card to pass on. Simply insert your and your pet’s name in the spaces provided and give the card to a friend who you think might appreciate our services. Encourage them to present the card on their first visit. After their visit you'll receive a $10 bonus* on your account which you can spend in any way you wish at the clinic. We also welcome your friend with a 50% discount* off their first consultation fee. Remember, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer, or the bonus dollars you can accumulate. (*Client Referral Scheme Terms & Conditions).

This is our way of saying a very sincere thank you for your support and trust. We understand your pet is an important member of your family, and we want to make sure they receive the best possible care, through all stages of their life.

You can rest assured; your family pet is in safe hands at Macarthur Veterinary Group – and now your friends' pets can be too!

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